About Us

In 1999, in an uncomfortably small 320-square-foot studio in the basement of Micah’s home in Sunnyside Highlands, the community that would one day be Vital Yoga, was born.

Micah had visions of introducing just a handful of family and friends to this practice; though yoga is 3–5,000 years old, she felt it was her sole discovery. Her sister, Desi was among the first converts—first to the practice, then to teaching. The vision and studio space would soon expand and become the larger space that we now call Vital Yoga Highlands.

We opened Vital Yoga Golden in 2003, growing our community of avid practitioners and kind-hearted people. In April 2011, we’ll move the Highlands studio down the street to 3955 Tennyson, and into a spacious, newly renovated studio and for the first time, own the building.

We used to be the primary instructors at Vital—and now we work with more than 40 talented and qualified teachers, many considered experts in their style of practice. And, while some believe that family and business are best kept separate, our experience has been different. At Vital, we truly are family.

We also understand that Vital Yoga is a dynamic, evolving, entity—the product not of one or two person’s vision, but the infinitely creative expression of a great many. We are eager to witness how our initial manifestation has become inextricably bound with yours, fostering the creation of studios capable of great healing, joy and inspiration.

Vital Yoga has been built on your patronage; some of you still remember our cramped beginnings. We are  very grateful to call you family, and honored to share Vital’s past—and its future—with you.

Micah Springer
Desi Springer