April 24, 2013 Vital Living!

Wow! What a profound transformation I’ve been able to witness in this week-long immersion into the tools that we’ve identified as most effective in shifting the physical, emotional, and even spiritual conditioning. This is, by far, our best offering because of the intensity, the expertise of the staff, and the method of the daily instruction. I’m extremely proud to be part of this immersion into self. When at the end of my life, if I have the gift of being conscious, I’ll feel good about co-facilitating Vital Living. I’ll feel good knowing that I taught from my practices and my heart, given the most refined instruction I am capable of to date. May will be our last immersion for a bit. If you are at all interested, talk to us and we’ll explain what you can expect, then we’ll all work to blow those expectations sky high! The tricky thing about transformation is there’s no way to clearly see from here where we’ll be then, and it’s also the beauty. Consciousness is a marvelous tool; whatever we shift the focus to is expanded and enhanced, serving the greater whole. Whether it’s a week or a lifetime is not so important as recognizing our gift to shift. And by the way, did I mention my father bought a juicer? Now that’s transformation! Here’s to yours and ours at Vital!

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