April 3, 2013 Syncopation

This morning after teaching yoga, I walked out into the slightly overcast obscured warmth of the sun. In the distance I heard the prettiest reverberating song. I couldn’t place it, so I changed course and started walking in the general direction, but noticed even that was shifting. It was definitely birds but I wasn’t sure doves or larger. I looked to the trees but saw nothing. Just then, my friend, Teri called. “Are you walking?” she asked as she was also walking and had just taken class. “Yeah.” “Well, look up. That sound is geese.” I looked up but they were blocked from sight by newly budding trees. “They’re really high. You can see them because they fly into the light, and then they go dark again.” she explained. I kept trying to see them and then there they were, dancing with a little slower rhythm, higher than I’ve ever known geese to fly and singing a vibrational song that seemed more likely to come from doves. Geese syncopation or some say murmuration. About 200 deft-flying bodies, twisting this way and that, not entirely with perfection, but entranced all the same.

Just before leaving the studio, a student commented, “your dharma was the exact one I chose to focus on today before coming to class! It was a very powerful class for me.” This is our own, human version syncopation. We come into contact at exactly the right moment, like Teri’s call. I might not have ever looked so high, otherwise. Humans can be magically linked, too and when we know it, it happens with more frequency. As if we’re daring the universe to prove it, and it does. Watch for syncopation. The cosmic, no-time that allows for fluid interaction. Before hanging up I said, “That’s a good omen.”

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