April 30, 2013 Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

Today is my sweetheart’s birthday. The groundskeeper here at our little rented casita forgets his name is Lee and keeps calling him Al, which makes us laugh as he isn’t at all an Al. We’ve just had lunch: fresh corn tortillas, sautéed jalapeño, red and yellow peppers, an amazing fish called Amber Jack, (which the groundskeeper caught for us) rice, avocado, lime and salt! Beautiful! The taste was deeply gratifying especially after the sort of hunger only playing in the sea and sun conjures. Last night we read the stars and marveled as more lights went out, more constellations appeared, reminding us of how eternal the universe is and how benevolent for allowing us to be here, co-creating, reveling in all there is, above and below. We’ve decided to practice being more and doing less. So far so good. Lee reads me Tom Robbins’ stories and as we mind our sunburns and seek the shade of a nearby Palapa, we travel only by imagination. Yoga has prepared us both with the gift of presence. Today, after a nap, we’ll saunter back to the secluded cove and see what snorkeling portends. We’ve heard there’s a turtle. Yesterday we swam with curious sea lions in aqua-colored water. Nothing but beauty to report, which is how a birthday well-celebrated should be. The dreaded carnivorous  “red devil” squid I was fearing are nowhere in sight! Gratitude has filled my eyes and heart! Happy Birthday Leo!

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