Aug 22, 2012 Bless The Cycles

On Monday morning I woke early and went outside to water my garden. The first thing that caught my eye was a shimmering object in the lawn. It was a dragonfly, still alive, but clinging to the grass with dew on its translucent wings. I picked it up to see it better-we don’t often have the opportunity to inspect something so swift and fragile. Dragonflies are an extraordinary creation. I marveled at its glass-like wings, bulbous multi-colored eyes, segmented and colorful stick body, as well as its delicate legs that were beginning to curl like the edges of leaves in Fall. It was dying. I brought it inside and decided to assist it on its journey. Its body was curled slightly as well when I lit my meditation candle. I sat for twenty minutes or longer, focusing on its transformation back to source, light, whatever word fits. May it be without prolonged pain, grief, resistance, or loneliness. As soon as I opened my eyes, I looked at it and in an instant it gave one last quiver, straightened its body fully erect, and curled its legs all the way in. Within minutes I saw the life force drain and the color obscure. It was dead. Prana gone. Chi released. What an amazing sight! What an honor to witness the moment and to bless its last breath? or pranic pulsation.

When we help something whether it’s a plant, insect, or human make the journey “home”, we honor the cycles that move us all. And eventually we lessen or eliminate entirely our greatest fear. This is Fall’s gift. Life is relinquishing its current form and renouncing it for something other-all is connected! Each season has a particular teaching for us and guides us in blessing the cycles. In this way, we embrace our own cycles and live peacefully with the knowledge that all is right. All is good.

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