August 1st, 2012 Immersion: Get Some

I realized something about myself again. I’ve noticed this before and before that. I really enjoy and cultivate immersive experiences. I seem to submerge myself into the unknown, on purpose! You might think that’s strange. Who wants to create more discomfort in their lives? Isn’t life challenging enough? Yes…and no. To feel challenged by our everyday lives is a perspective. We’re literally saying we don’t have enough tools in our toolbox to handle our existence. I don’t like to be caught with my tool belt around my ankles, if you know what I mean. My response is to invite challenge and get better at navigating. Immersive experiences are phenomenal venues for developing navigating tools. Relationships, Training, Travel, Cleanses, Workshops, Relationships and Relationships! These are the immersions. They refine our character by refining our responses to our lives. And it’s a rare person that seeks them consistently. However some individuals become addicted to the unknown and go from one immersion to the next. In the end, they are well adjusted individuals who can handle difficulty with grace. Allison White is a Vital student. She’s one of these individuals. First, Allison completed the Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse, then she travelled to nomadic Kenya with me and a few days ago she finished her first Triathlon in California! And she wears the grace as proof of her mettle! Congratulations Allison. What next? Let’s think up something together, shall we? Can I finish writing my 400-page book first, though? I’m immersed.

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