August 8, 2012 The Leaves of Fall; A Preparation

August 1st was officially halfway between the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox, which means we’re on the Fall side of things now. I cherish Fall. It might be because I was born at the end of October. Each year Fall offers me an opportunity to refresh my idea of who I am and who I want to be in this world. Sometimes it’s painful. I truly believe we are not asked to endure more than we are capable, and we receive exactly the opportunities that advance our evolution. This means that each year when we come to the question about who we are, we notice a slightly different response, a more evolved perspective, based on our trials and tribulations. A friend asked me last night if I really believed people could change. “YES!”, I responded. But few do. It takes ardent desire to undo our patterning. It’s a constant occupation, reflecting on our behavior, modifying it, making it our greatest study. Is my behavior in accordance with who I want to be in this world? And when it’s not, it’s time to compassionately try again and again. The reason I answered with a resounding YES!, is because I know I’ve changed. I’ve changed so much that even my lessons/opportunities have changed. I’m not dealing with the same growth issues. My old hurts no longer plague me, in fact they have healed completely. I have no enemies, no one that makes me uncomfortable when I walk down the street, forgiveness for both self and other. It is liberating, and it took commitment. Use Fall. It has unparalleled ability to transform and transcend. Release old hurts like the trees let their leaves drop. It is possible and if you are serious about your evolution, it’s necessary. If Fall isn’t your season for growth, choose another one. You don’t get off the hook that easily! Winter will be here soon enough…

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