Celebrate the Goddess

Venus passed before the sun yesterday. It happens rarely. Apparently it won’t happen again until 2117. Venus represents the feminine and beautiful. She governs art, music, love, and aspects of nature. She commands a celebration of the Goddess. Hmmm…what does that mean? How would I do that? For centuries we, as the human species, did, so why don’t we remember that now? I went to a concert of Saharan nomads last night, after eating an exquisite meal with friends. There were candles, and art, and flowers. Venus was represented, sweetly. We danced and laughed.

The sun’s energy is masculine, intense, hot, and sustaining. Venus and the moon balance the sun. In our daily lives, both energies need to be honored and expressed. My challenge to you is to ask which you pay homage to most-by your thoughts, actions and ideals. Can you bring the other energy into your life? It will require practice, but once you have developed a more balanced relationship, it will satiate deeply. It’s like a muscle that atrophies without use.

Enjoy! Celebrate! Laugh! Or, if you indulge frequently, consider your life’s ambition. How can you contribute? These are solar qualities. The point is to strike the balance and feel fulfilled in your life’s purpose. Then we are truly Vital.

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