Continued Evolution

One way I know that I am growing and expanding my capacity as a human, is that the quality of my love, and loving ability grows deeper and expands further. I test it regularly. Humberto Maturana said that the only root emotion which has the ability to expand our intelligence is love. When we love, rather than love’s opposite in fear, our perspective opens and we are suddenly privy to concepts and connections that weren’t previously visible. We are able to understand, literally to stand under and observe all that surrounds us. Our minds stretch and our bodies heal. We can see many solutions as opposed to feeling victimized by the circumstances in our lives. We also see one another and genuinely want the best possible outcome for everyone. Maturana’s working definition of love was that love allows another being to simply be who they are-at all times, in all instances. We allow love, not impose it or use it to imprison self and other-that would be fear. About lovers Humberto said, “not like two ships passing in the night, but two ships that travel side by side for a certain time, always bound for different ports.” Our differences in perspective, in evolution, create the healthy and essential diversity of the world. Yearning for control of one another, or homogenization of the entirety, isn’t healthy. Divinity wants to be expressed in its entirety-which means diversely. The practice is, then, to allow. As we learn to witness, rather than judge, we are able to witness, rather than judge the loves in our lives. We allow one another to simply be, without constraints, without rigidity, with God. We become more intelligent. And fear dissolves.

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