Dec 12, 2012! It will never happen again!

Because our Gregorian calendar only has twelve months, we’ll never experience a sequence of the same numbers. 12/12/12 will be the last. Does that mean anything? Is it significant? I’m not sure. I’m as sure of that being significant as I’m sure the Galactic planetary alignment on 12/21/12 will be significant. Who knows? So why pay attention, then? My answer: because it all leads to a greater interaction via curiosity with the universe, of which we are a part. That’s all. When I consider the phenomenon around me, it creates a sense of connection that I need and desire. This study leads to a greater awareness of self and therefore, other. It’s a participation and engagement in events from the most subtle to the grandest. I like it. There’s a term for this level of interaction called, in Sanskrit, svedyaya. It’s self study by way of the holograms surrounding us. We look at a fractal long enough and we see everything. Even if we don’t have all of the reasons the universe creates as it does, it strikes us as magical and magnificent. I literally wake up to see what next. What will unfold today? Today we witness a sequential date of the same numbers, in a year that purports the end of the Mayan calendar. Who cares? I do. Why? Because I’m able. It’s another pathway into…me and you. Have a blessed 12/12/12! Let me know if anything happens.

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  1. But we’ll see it again in 2112! :) Well some will see it, WE may not.

    Comment by Dana — December 12, 2012 @ 11:03 am

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