February 19, 2013 So Many Hats, Never Enough Time!

The other day I realized what I’m facilitating between now and June and I was astounded by what I discovered. In fact seeing the list of workshops and events, in addition to all that I regularly do, made me exhausted. I’m attempting to lead cleanses, yoga classes, retreats, write a book, mentor students, be a lover, organize for a tax audit, and co-facilitate a teacher meeting. I wear so many hats, I’m constantly in search of a one hat fits all solution. Well, no luck. They each depend on me developing a particular aspect of my character. It’s the fast track to evolution, owning a community-oriented yoga business, and after I stop complaining about the exhaustion, I realize how much I love the challenge. Switching gears is my new middle name. Desi’s, too. In fact, she’s at Habitat For Humanity right now buying cabinets for a new construction project we’re doing. This is the definition of a full, well-lived life, isn’t it? Use us up. Use the talents! Let us refine them in practice. Make sure you never let us hear you complain of boredom – we’ve become too good at delegation! I once saw a man say he didn’t want to lay peacefully in his grave, preserved and well groomed, no, he wanted to slide sideways to his death, screeching and burning, all used up! It made sense to me. My friend says, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Well, where does the concept of balance come in then? My answer: when it can. Right now, I’m too busy! I have too many passions!;)

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