Fort Collins Fire

Fire is dangerous. Fire is to be avoided. But fire is also responsible for transformation and regeneration. We call this, in Sanskrit, Tapas, not to be confused with the popular Spanish appetizers. The fire in Fort. Collins is unfortunate, but nature has a way of using fire to regenerate, metabolize what was no longer working and reform. We can use this as a helpful metaphor for challenge in our lives. What does challenge bring? What if life were completely without challenge? In yoga we use our challenges to engage the witness. The difficulty arises, like a conversation I’ve dreaded having, and immediately I have the option to watch myself react, and then to eventually choose my responses. My responses can then create win-win situations and everyone has an opportunity to heal and evolve. Without this “fire,” I may not have learned the important gift that I possess. This isn’t to say we want to create fires all around us, unless you are in a hurry to expand, but it means that fire itself carries with it an enormous opportunity. Practice embracing the challenges, seeing your way through them, and transforming. Most likely, you will encourage less heat, as you do.

Think about what fire enabled man to do-cook, settle, connect, metabolize, digest, renew! It’s an esential element. Learn how to work with it. And our hearts extend to those in difficulty always. That’s compassion.

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