Happy Independence Day Fellow Yanks!

I’m in England! That’s ironic, isn’t it? And they have wished me a happy day as though we all remember Paul Revere’s ride and the tea fight in the sea. The funny thing is that I feel very independent. Is that American? Modern woman? Aquarius rising? My indomitable spirit? I don’t know, but I do know it’s a valued character trait of mine and one I will and do fight for. Freedom of expression. Freedom to be who I truly am. Freedom from fear-that’s a constant choice. Freedom from even my country’s cultural conditioning. And I enjoy it when I see others expressing their freedom. There’s nothing that makes me happier than having an unconventional (free from convention) conversation with an eccentric person! I love that! A free mind! And it’s becoming more rare because we are afraid of one another’ s judgement and scrutiny. How will we ever grow then? How will we discover another way to live that considers one another, the environment, expanded awareness and finally, love? So, on this day of Independence, celebrate your unique expression, the divine gift of being you, authentically, uncompromising, you! No matter where you are, U.K. or Texas, it will be recognized by many and they will begin to honor their goddess given right to freedom as well.

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