I’m happy. Are you?

I’ve been studying other’s research about what makes people happy. One of the principle distinctions is how people spend their time and money. For instance, if most of your money and time is spent on increasing extrinsic value, appearance, status, ego, then the happiness is fleeting. However, if you focus your resources on building intrinsic value, those aspects that improve our awareness of self and source, the happiness is enduring. Deepak Chopra said that enlightened beings spent time and money on experiences, not products. I began monitoring where I spend my resources. Indeed, there was one stop at the MAC make-up store to replace a blush that was stolen. But, despite that, roughly 95% was used to better myself intrinsically. I do this by purchasing experiences, workshops, travel, events, training-whether in yoga, a foreign language, voice or cooking lessons. I have an innate desire to learn and I enjoy learning from masters, like John Friend.
Meanwhile my car is making a noise that the mechanics cannot fix, without building a new engine, of course. It’s okay. Let me walk. That’s another aspect of enduring happiness-more time in nature, and a slower rhythm.

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