Integrity is Gritty Work! ~ December 5, 2012

I splurged recently and purchased a small, Norwegian wood-burning stove. It’s tiny-more like a toaster than a stove, but the man assured me it will make a difference and  burn two logs through an entire night. Currently my heater runs through the night. I’ve added insulation, the house has new windows, Lee even weather-sealed the doors for me. My old house is still drafty. The reasons I chose a small stove over a large one were many: less material, more efficient, less cost. The reason I went with this particular installation company were many: local, (except for the stove), they recycle all of the packaging, family-owned, and kind. The reason I chose wood-burning as opposed to a gas stove was because I can plant trees. I can directly effect the renewability of this resource. A tree burned=a tree planted. I will and do support organizations that lobby against deforestation, globally. My intention to increase the population of trees on the planet is easy to measure, in effect. My friends donated wood they wouldn’t use, which insured that it would not be wasted. I may already have enough logs for this rather mild winter. To the best of my ability, without becoming obsessive or unhappy, I traced my decision from beginning to end, and made sure it was in integrity. It took a little more time, but I derive greater pleasure knowing it serves me and the planet. What am I buying and what affect will this have down the road? On my fellow conscious beings? On my sensitive body/mind connection?

Please share your thoughts on how we can live with more integrity daily, by simple measures. For instance, I unplug all appliances and technology after I use it. What was once an inconvenience is now a conscious choice which affirms what’s important to me. I like it. And it saves a little dough as well.
Solar is next.

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