January 1 2013 Back to Normal?

Are the Holidaze over yet? Can we resume our normalcy, or are we still off schedule, off diet, celebrating and shopping as if there’s no tomorrow 2012-because there isn’t a tomorrow 2012.
I have to admit, I enjoyed the most quiet and serene holiday ever. Most of my family was out of town and my boyfriend and I made fires, set intentions, exchanged the gift of one another’s company and spent our time transforming the simple into the sublime. This is the greatest present for me, and an art I am inspired to master-for it appears to me that those who know how to create the sacred from the seemingly mundane are onto something. So, no, we are not back to normal-in fact we’ve lost the way back to normal, and may never desire normal, again.
The simplest act of making a fire from Oak wood became a remembrance of culture and ancestry, of the importance of the solstice and the renewal of light in our hearts and warmth in our words and deeds. How can we continue to find significance in acts we may otherwise take for granted? For me it has something to do with creating rituals that remind me to be present, entirely absorbed by the ritual itself, and grateful for the practice. Then, during times of the year where we’d like to cultivate an extra special marker of our lives, we simply dress the ritual up, light an extra candle, add a prayer or blessing, involve another, etc. There is nothing normal anymore. Once we’ve mastered the art of making ordinary acts scared, we live an enlightened life, full of connection, grace, and purpose. I’m going  to remember this gem more in 2013 than I did in 2012. I will take less for granted, and endow the moments with the sweetness that life has offered as a gift to my living it. Happy New Year-let it be a year of remembrance and a continual celebration of the sublime.

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