January 16, 2013 Lost Wisdom

During my short forty-one years of life, I’ve collected practices from various culture’s ancestors which have helped me live in greater balance despite the frenzy. Some-most of these can be shared on a blog, some would require too much education. Today I promised to outline how to avoid the dreaded flu following natural practices. I’ve broken it down into two categories and tried to list in a matter of greatest priority. The categories are preventative and curative. In my life, prevention plays a greater role and deserves our attention daily-not just when we are sick. By then, it’s too late. I’ve omitted the obvious like drink water, and wash your hands, as well as keep from touching your face and eyes in public places, or get plenty of sleep as you need. These are also preventative.

Diet is first. Find one that causes less inflammation in your body, avoiding allergen causing foods.
Sugar causes inflammation and dehydration. Minimize it.
Meditate to mitigate stress and encourage more joy in your life!
Think positive thoughts.
Exercise daily, walk briskly outside a couple of times per week, and try to work up a sweat by over dressing.
Oil massage/dry brush for lymphatic stimulation.
I also go to steam rooms and saunas to encourage both lymphatic drainage as well as sweating.
Neti Pot and Pranayama practices
Get massage regularly.
I don’t eat garlic and onions, which means that when I need them as medicine, they are potent and effective.
Use a humidifier daily.
Swish oil in your mouth for twenty minutes (Google oil pulling)
Diffuse essential oils in your home weekly.
If traveling, wear essential oils under your nose. They vibrate at frequencies which deter bacteria. They are anti-microbial.
For women: I rest as much as possible during my menses.
Stay aware and notice any subtle changes in your mucus, energy, subtle sensations in the throat, nose, mouth or head.
If you notice a change in the areas mentioned above, take grapefruitseed extract immediately. 12-15 drops three times a day. It’s a citricidal and doesn’t contain the sugar.
Snort colloidal silver as well as take it in dropper form. (Snort only the kind without alcohol.)
If you have a fever, run the hottest bath possible, make a very large pot of ginger tea, and pour it into the bath. Drink a cup of ginger tea while you are in the bath. Stay as long as possible-til your skin heats up, and then get out and immediately bundle-hats, wool socks, layers of clothing. Go directly to bed and get under the covers. You are encouraging your body to sweat and raise the temperature enough to really eliminate the bug. This works really well so you can stop aching and start healing.
Immediately stop eating any and all sugars, including fruit. You might even choose to fast for a day. When the body is not digesting, it can focus on wiping out the bacteria, or re-establishing homeostasis.
Eat clarifying foods to avoid excess mucus production, like clear broths and teas. Now add your garlic and onions and chili peppers!
Visualize perfect health and literally fill your body’s cells with light.
Gargle with salt water a few times per day.
If you still come down with something, let it run its course. A good cold for five days, without suppression, is very healthy for the adrenals every once in a while. Maybe once every two years. I tried to choose remedies that would also be most effective for children.
One great cure for extremely sore throats and even Strep is as follows:
4 cloves of freshly minced garlic
1 TBSP of Honey (if too thick you can add a little more)
1/4-1/2 tsp Cayenne
Mix all three ingredients together. Take 1/2 tsp every waking hour. Do not eat or drink anything 30 minutes after to ensure the honey and cayenne coat.
You will notice relief in just a few hours and complete relief within 24 – 48 hours.
One of our admin staff recently had strep and found this recipe which cured her in less than 2 days!
Blessings on your health and wellness!

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