January 8, 2013 I can only practice yoga when I feel great! True or false?

Over the Holidays I hurt my knee. I believe I tore my MCL, which leads to an instability, an overly flexible sensation as if your knee might dislocate. First though, it swells, becomes painful, and restricts movement. I had been practicing with such regularity before the injury that I didn’t want the injury to interrupt my flow. I came to practice the next day, limped into the room, used the wall to balance and stood, principally on one leg. After just one yoga class, paying exacting attention to the details of alignment and my body’s messages, I began to heal! The swelling decreased, the mobility increased, my morale was enhanced. I practiced at home the next morning and spent time doing poses I shouldn’t have been able to do yet. I was excited. My limp was noticeably less and I knew that I would be able to restore my former strength as well as flexibility. What struck me then was that my initial desire, in 1998, for a yoga teacher training was not because I wanted to teach, it was to try and rehabilitate my other knee, in which I completely tore my ACL! The practice, with very little alignment knowledge, healed that knee. My story-full circle. Two knees, both injured, both completely healed! When we practice yoga either with an injured knee or a broken heart it causes a deepening of awareness, a louder invocation for guidance and help. It helps us soften, and surrender to the greater powers! Don’t stay away from class because you are not your best. That’s the time for practice. Practice while injured is an inspired example of union-subtle  communication between the body, mind, and spirit! Watch the ego step aside and watch the universe move in!

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