June 11, 2013 Montenegro Ritual

Yipee!! Traveling to Croatia and Montenegro today! I’ve never been to Eastern Europe. Because I meditate no matter where I am, I always carry items to build a small altar. It’s amazing how a few packable sacred objects transform a space. You can stay in the dingiest hotel room and light a candle in the corner with a stick of incense and suddenly the divine enters! Not that it wasn’t there before, but now it’s clear and illuminated. The yoga group I’m traveling with doesn’t know this yet, but we’ll practice building beach altars the first day. Then we’ll collect items of beauty to place around the altar as long as we stay. The final day, we disassemble the altar, return the items to nature, and leave with gratitude. The Vedic texts say that ritual temporarily holds or contains negative energy until it can be released and dissipated. This makes a lot of sense to me. Why meditate? Why meditate on vacation, better yet? There’s no stress is there? Ostensibly you are vacationing in a beautiful idyllic setting… Yes, but what happens after the negative energy we accumulate dissipates from regular practice of ritual? Creativity, beauty, innovation emerge! Suddenly we’re having thoughts and perspectives that we’ve not had before. Lights are being turned on all over the place. Where the Vedics stopped short, but I know they intended, was to say ritual holds and dissipates negative energy, creating a space for our most creative awareness, and when that is recognized, ritual illuminates and expands that potential. So…build beach altars! The next blog I’ll ask the group to share a sentence of their experience. xoxo

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