March 27th What’s so important about routine?

The first time I realized I was without a routine, something, one thing, that I would do everyday, (and because I wasn’t a coffee drinker, not even that could save me from being routine-less ) was when I travelled to Africa twenty one years ago and saw a continent steeped in routine. Everyone from the very young to the very old had routines. Making chai together, building a fire, letting the animals out to pasture, and daily ceremonial rituals. The same thing impressed me years later, when I was in India. Now, I have many of my own routines…lighting candles everyday in the Fall and Winter, meditating, blessing my food, greeting the day, and even singing to my cats first thing in the morning, which has become part of their routine. What I discovered is that we need routines, or even better, we need ritual, which is merely a sacred routine, that helps us set a foundation for the day, check in with our subtle body and mind, and watch how our lives consciously transform for the better. I also view ritual as a way of communicating with the unseen, the omnipresent nature of spirit. Ritual will also help us transition through seasons, traumatic life experiences, and even our  soul’s own alchemy. Finally, on a more physio-psychological level, they help maintain health and well being as we begin to root our intentions into the physical rhythm of life. We ground our energy that can be frenetic, otherwise. My advice. as this Spring rolls in, pick a routine and make it a ritual. Remember the difference is in creating something sacred about your routine…maybe you drink coffee and ponder your relationship with the divine? Anything goes!!

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