May 22, 2013 Happy Birthday Mama/Jolie!!

This is just a ploy to see if my mom actually reads my blog. I have a sneaking suspicion she doesn’t. But she may do after I shame her publicly! Those of you loyal readers who do, make sure not to mention that her birthday wish is here.

All pretend shaming aside, how fortunate are Desi and I that our mother not only practices yoga with us, but teaches? We truly use what we’ve gleaned from our years of practicing as a family to stay as healthy as possible, being a family, and subject to the drama of family dynamics. There’s nothing I can’t express to my mom. There’s nothing she hasn’t supported with her entire being, no matter how crazy the dream. We are grateful to her for kindness, our first example of compassion, her devotion to us and our practitioners at Vital, her humor, and her willingness to continue growing. We’re also grateful for the seamless manner in which she mothers-many of you have commented on how you would like her to be your mother. In many ways she is, as and when you need. She’s a beacon of beauty inside and out, and Desi and I are happy to share her loving energy with you all! In fact, that’s probably what we do best through our teachings; share what our mom imparted on us through her loving and generous spirit. Vital would literally not be possible without you, mom! Have a beautiful birthday, mother’s day, and month of May! We love you! ~Micah and Desi

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  1. Thank you Micah, for all of the kind accolades and thank you for the playful and silly insinuation that I don’t read your blog!!! I’m just a bit late this month…
    It is I who is gifted – to have these two amazing, heart-centered, wise, charitable and beautiful women as my daughters! I have always said that there must have been Divine intervention in their upbringing to have resulted in such light! In the telling of our stories to those in the Vital Community, we have tried to be candid and forthcoming. We have struggled like all families do, with drama and lessons. Surely, the gift of yoga has
    had much to do with helping us to cope, to see the grace and frailty in one another, to forgive and come back to truth and deep and precious love. We are blessed by the practice, the community and most certainly by each other. This Mother’s Day, this Birthday, I am overcome with gratitude – my life is “full up” with blessings. I love you, my Daughters, my Teachers more than is possible to express.

    Comment by Jolie Springer — May 21, 2013 @ 10:52 am

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