May 9, 2013 Like Cures Like

I got a splinter deep in my heel a few days ago. It’s takes flexibility of the contortionist variety to remove a splinter from the center of the heel, but I had a memory of the children in Kenya, who get splinters daily   because they live where the dreaded Acacia thorn rules the desert, as well as they don’t have shoes. I got splinters at least weekly and I have shoes so you can imagine the length of the thorn. The memory spurred a thought. Along with shoes, nomads also lack tweezers, needles, etc- all handy for splinter removal. What do they use? They use the Acacia thorns! Like cures like. It’s a homeopathic law. If you are nauseous, you take the most minute dose of Ipecac, and you feel better. So, I wondered…what about the emotional body? What if I’m sad? Could I hit the sadness out of the park if I indulged in just a little more, like watching a movie about a break-up when you are recently single? My answer: Yes! It has worked in the past, pushing the threshold of emotional pain to experience the imminent breakthrough! It definitely works more effectively than pushing that which ails us away. What we resist, persists, right? Life is an immersion of sorts. We can’t deny the sensations for long. The sensations are not only part of the deal-they are the deal! That’s what separates the living from the non-living, so we may as well surrender to what is, go all the way in, and hopefully cure ourselves of it…at least temporarily, until we call it back around.

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