November 28, 2012 What Do You Have to Give?

I’m not anti-economy, or anti-consumerism, though I do believe we could use a little reflection here. Tis the Holiday Season and giving is an issue, despite our best intentions. Would it be terrible of me to suggest that we begin with giving to ourselves? Here’s my thinking: If I’m incapable of nurturing myself, do I really have anything of value for anyone else? And when we give a gift that we have given to ourselves, we know its value, we’ve experienced it. And when we’re full, well cared for, don’t we entertain more creative, appropriate and authentic gifts? Plus we tend to buy less stuff because we recognize the truer needs of connection, community, peace, and stillness inherent within us all. So, assuming that you agree with my reasoning, what shall we give ourselves? This is fun! And because we’re yogis walking a very deliberate path of consciousness, let’s give ourselves gifts that are sustainable for the earth, and supportive of our health and well-being?

I suggest nurturing ourselves in a manner that both rejuvenates our reserves, inspire us, and celebrates the joy of the season. Here’s a few suggestions: If you like cooking, make yourself a healthy meal using primarily local ingredients. If you don’t enjoy cooking, create a home spa evening, take a bath with candles and essential oils. Apply a facial mask or hair oil treatment, call a long lost friend or relative and make peace, take a restorative or nidra yoga class for therapeutic relaxation, receive a massage, bask in silence and turn your phone and computer off for three hours, go for a hike or walk alone, see an inspiring movie, massage your own feet before bed with warm oil, read your favorite poetry for an entire hour, walk in the moonlight, create a meditation/contemplation space in your home, write your desires for the new year, make a fire-just for you to lay in front of and read or listen to your favorite music, make a cup of tea and count your blessings, walk around the Denver Botanic Gardens…We get the picture, right? Then, when we’re deeply satiated and nourished, we can ponder the perfect gift for our loved ones and truly share our light! It will emanate from our well-cared for hearts, minds, and bodies. We’ll have so much more to give.

Wishing you a light-filled, meaningful, Holiday Season!

Micah and Desi

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