November 7, 2012 Election- Take 2

I wrote a blog yesterday about our political system, but I received feedback that it was too cynical. Cynical is not quite the right word, but this person is an idealist. I think of myself more as a realist with hope-lots of hope, and ambition! Between dashed idealism and daunting realism, there must be hope. Otherwise we fall into a collective, numbing suicide. Wait a moment, isn’t that where we are now? A numbing suicide? I’ll let you answer that, because if I write the blog on that, I will be cynical again. It’s a fine line, isn’t it? Especially for our Prozac Nation of constant entertainment and zero concern for posterity. You would think a realist would watch the television, read the news. That’s not real! That’s an entertainment industry backed by very big money. It’s part of the scam.The man/woman on the street is real. And they give me hope. I watch as people greet one another, interact in sweetness with concern for another’s well being, open doors, help strangers with groceries, offer an attentive moment. So, then how did we go so wrong? Why, when we expand our behavior to global proportions is nothing sustainable, nothing intelligent? Because the system has betrayed the individual. The system itself is corrupt. We keep using it, but the mechanization is broken. A realist knows this, and decides to act anyway. Decides to stay awake, despite the living nightmare that they see, and to do everything in their power to benefit the community, the ethos, as long as they are living. That’s real hope! Whomever you voted for, or didn’t vote for, let’s stay connected to the source of hope-the real one, that exists in the most subtle acts, the most simplistic offering. Whether you are practical, or cynical, idealistic, or fatalistic, let’s make it a beautiful ride while we’re here together. Now, does that sound like a cynic?

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