Oh! Olive Tree

Oh! (Buzuku) Olive Tree

Olive tree I see in thee a thousand histories

Knotted in your limbs, buried with your roots,

Waving with the tide which keeps time

With the moon.

A devoted laboring friend

Becomes a reflection in your mirror, digging, pruning, toiling, shaking

Until one day his body resembles the twists of your trunk

His eyes like braided holes, his muscles firm and defined.

How many faces do you record in your gnarled bark?

How many lovers have you outlived?

A son, a father, a grandfather beyond…

A daughter, a mother, a grandma so on…

You, the ultimate witness on your rocky banks,

Standing centuries as Romans and Turks

Christians and Muslims

Untangle their world views and broken hearts

By your blue-green sea.

Only to arrive where you’ve always been

Based in the forgiveness of rich soil,

Climbing slowly to the heavens with

Offers of peace in your branches,

Mollifying oil in your fruit.

And love in your silvery green leaves.

Oh! Olive Tree

Let me soon see


in thee.

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