I once heard Deepak Chopra respond, when someone asked how he had such energy for his prolific service and books, “I am driven by my discontent.” That statement affected me. I realized I was also discontented with the world, myself included. Yogis have said that the art of yoga assists us in self-realization, which then offers God-realization. Will we ever realize our true potential? Is that possible in this incarnate form? I’m not sure, but I live for the challenge of it. On a moment to moment basis, I recognize the subconscious thought that underlies all my decisions to improve myself, my contribution, and thus the world, is a product of this question. Can I actualize my potential? Most days I feel very far from this. Some, I imagine the sensation should I come close. It keeps me humble, striving, and enthralled with this life. We have an opportunity to try, and fail, and try again. We can apply this to our relationships, our work, our play- yoga asana included. What is the full potential of this pose? How far can I take this pose both throughout and within, as we move from the gross body to the subtle? Can I then affect my thinking while I am attempting this pose? My emotional body? Soon our practice becomes a mirror of our existence, a reflection of our highest intentions. And our intentions expand, become grander. Like an Asian proverb says, “Each soul incarnates with a certain and definitive number of breaths.” We each have a definitive potential, and I wonder if all potentials are equal. Maybe not equal in their extent, but equal in their essence. In other words, my potential once realized, may have further reaching tendency than another’s potential, but that they glimpse if not actualize theirs, is of equal importance. Maybe our collective actualized potential is essential to the shift in collective consciousness. I don’t have to be Deepak or Steve Jobs or Oprah, but I do feel compelled to glimpse, to actualize Micah Springer’s full potential. It’s exciting! Imagine a world full of actualized beings! Only then, might discontent no longer be the driving force. It will be love!