At Vital Yoga we strive to assist the yoga practitioner in making connections between the physical as well as emotional/metaphysical aspects of the practice. As an instructor of yoga the most effective way to do this is through the use of dharma. When a teacher moves us through the poses as well as speaks to our souls about the bigger picture, the mind/body access becomes a vehicle for transformation on the fast track! Dharma is a Sanskrit word which loosely translates to anything which upholds or maintains natural law. We like to link it with higher purpose or calling. When we employ dharma within teaching we are asking the collective to set an intention together-to play out a theme and explore its relevance within the context of our individual lives.

Recently, I was preparing for teaching my class when a friend called to say he wouldn’t make class but wanted to know the dharma. This gave me an idea to create a ‘dharma blog’, so we may stay connected through a greater intention. I am also excited about the two-way communication provided as you can share your insights and deepen the experience. Thanks for practicing!

Dharma #1

Saturday January 7th

Awakening: Today is the 7th of January, 2012 and we are seated together, on our mats, waiting to practice. It’s no mistake that we came together in exactly this assemblage-we can either live seeing everything in life as magical or nothing as magical. I like that there is no in between in that statement. We’re either all in, or we’re not, which is how I feel about my yoga practice and this path I’ve chosen. I don’t remember choosing it. I think it may have chosen me, but that was before the awakening. That was when I was still stumbling through, a victim of circumstance, a leaf on the rough winds of life. It was before I recognized the role of conscious choice and accountability. It was before I realized that would require all of me, full participation in every awakened moment. And I give it gladly.

We’re like a counsel together. When we sit in this noble manner, preparing our minds and bodies for the breath and movement, we are readying the heart. And that readiness then infuses all we do in the world. When enough of us are practicing being our own, sound counsel-we make a grand impact and the world awakens. There are levels of awakening. Sometimes our eyes are open, but our hearts wisdom, blunted. Then, slowly as we move the breath into our bodies, creating a little space and silence in the minds, we witness the tiny, refined sensations of life itself, awakening. Our cells themselves awakening and feeding information for greater contentment, connection and compassion into our entire being.The heart heals, the energy of the collective coalesces, and we remember to awaken to the gratitude that surrounds us. This is life. This is me. We are here together.