My sleep was restless last night. The trees sounded as though they were coming through the windows and walls, branches breaking, an unsettled energy buzzed around my room. On windy days, I meditate more often-maybe three or four short meditations through the day. It helps calm the nervous energy that stirs as the wind whips though. I remember the day someone made the correlation for me between an anxious state of mind and wind storms. I was in junior high school, and had never considered how the weather affected me, or others. That in itself seems ridiculous now. Of course it affects us!! We, humans, are much more sensing and sensitive than we either know, or admit. Our brains are capable of receiving and tracking phenomenal messages and imprints, and yet, we imagine that we are impervious to weather, emotional environment, food, etc. And we struggle to stay balanced. The first key to experiencing more balance in our lives is to recognize which factors contribute to this equation. And the more sensing we are, the easier it is to both notice what throws our balance off, as well as when it happens. I like to think of myself, my brain, as the most finely tuned antenna, pulsing according to the waves of energy and information around. And it fascinates me how the subtle and gross interact, and interchange or exchange information. We might be in traffic, cars moving, wind blowing branches and leaves around, and then have the most sublime thought that spreads its joy throughout our entire being. A serenity overwhelms us and we take a mini-vacation from the hectic pace. No matter what the external world is presenting, our reaction to our own thoughts is both the poison and the medicine for balance. I’ll leave you with my favorite Hafiz poem…at least favorite of this moment, until this moment blows away and is replaced by another.
Let thought become the beautiful Woman.
Cultivate your heart and mind to that depth
That it can give you everything
a warm body can.
Why just keep making love with God’s child-
When the Friend Himself is standing
Before us
So open-armed?
My dear,
Let prayer become your beautiful Lover
And become free,
Become free of this whole world
Like Hafiz.