We’re in lovely, rich Taos, soaking in the pools at Ojo, hiking to mica mines, touring earth ships, and enjoying the rich cultural solidarity. It’s a unique part of the world and helps me center in an effortless manner-almost as a result of the practices around me, the many rituals and ceremonies that belong to the diverse population merging here. One celebration is the storytelling festival! Although we missed it this time, I imagined the splendor of such gathering. A half moon rising over the hills just north of town, people of all ages sitting in twilight listening to  a master weave his/her stories of folk and humanity. We, the imagined audience, become instantly youthful and the story conjures an innocence within, a forgetting of our tribulations, and an acceptance of our history, whether real or fantastic. Storytelling is a lost art that I hope will reemerge as an essential expression. Both the listener and the recounter are instantly healed, connected, and enlightened by the palette of words and sounds and sensations that transport us to an unnamed time in a universal place. I’m inspired to bring this to Vital, though I’ve never experienced the Taos festival, I seem to know its potency and its place within community. Think about it. Once a quarter, on a full moon, let’s gather and share our love of this life and memory.