I remembered something again the other day. I’m not sure why I keep forgetting. It’s a moment changer, when remembered. Fall is busy at Vital. The minutia piles high, email activity bombs the server, and our administrative needs overwhelm. The training, the cleanse, workshops, busier classes, and transformation of the season! Whew! Thank God for an immediate solution to the hectic pace of the brain and body. It’s called the senses. Stop! Halt! Close your eyes, unless you are driving. And now take a full breath into the lungs and diaphragm. Exhale it out into the crazy world sending blessings with it. Notice the peace available in a single conscious cycle of breath. Do it again. Then notice what you hear around you. Absorb the sound without reflecting on it, without thinking about or judging it. Just soak it up like a sponge. Become so present to it, that you can’t think about it. Next, keep breathing and open your eyes. Allow them to register colors, shapes, the abundance of creative sights. Even a plastic bag, in the right light, is beautiful. When we are busy thinking, we forget to be, to receive with our senses all the the divine displays. A single sense-filled moment is a deep retreat into peace. The Tantrics say that it is through the senses we live the pathway to the divine. Thought is not a sense. Thought annihilates the senses. Thought creates a reality that we believe is true, until we stop long enough to see, hear, smell, and touch life around us. That’s another more sensual and reflective truth. I remembered that my senses are meant to connect me to God/dess, not isolate me, or overwhelm and cause me stress. That’s my responsibility by determining how I think about my world. This Fall as you feel busy, remember the gift of feeling and being. Take moments to witness though the physicality. There will come a day where we, as beings, interact with the physical nature of the universe differently. Feel it less. For now, indulge and thank God/dess for the gifts.

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