If you know me, then you know that mostly and when possible, I prefer to see my friends, not write to them, or call them. Fortunately someone manages my Facebook account. I check email and texts. I do return calls. But, tea or lunch is my favorite. There’s something about being in each other’s presence that cyber space cannot replace. The universe has a sense of humor. Though I keep a low profile, suddenly me and Desi and Vital Yoga have an on-line presence,and it’s not our website! We’ve been Facebooked! (active verb which defines when you or your organization is being discussed by people you’ve never met, nor befriended via social media.) I tried to bury my head in the sand and pretend our reputation was not being questioned by practitioners who had never seen the studio, nor taken a class from anyone there- that my character was not being scrutinized to the degree that people whom I’ve never met felt entitled to contemplate and discuss my sex life. It’s a bizarre world, especially when it’s not yours! And I’m grateful to my yoga practice! My only response was either one of amazement or amusement. A lot of amusement! Still, because we feel responsible for you and your association with Vital Yoga, I submitted an article to Elephant Journal explaining our decision to act in a controversial manner. If you know nothing about this, click out now and forget everything. Or if you must, read the article and witness how it’s aligned with Vital’s vision. If you practice with us, you already know this. If you have something you’d like to contribute, please tell us. We’ll have tea.