The other day I was involved in a colossal misunderstanding. In the end everyone’s feeling were hurt, everyone was confused. It occurs so rarely these days that I immediately wanted to know what was happening in the celestial sphere-what other besides me, could possibly be out of whack. Yet, I knew it really didn’t matter. It would be up to me, as it always is, to remedy the situation and find my way back to true North. And that would be easier if I had people committed to finding that as well.

It was difficult at first. I felt so saddened by the conversation. Once I removed myself from the situation I began to ask what I really wanted as an outcome? What would serve the most people in the most benevolent, life-affirming way? Once I asked the questions, I knew the answers immediately. It became simple and I could see clearly again. It would also require other’s participation for the greatest outcome to be realized. It always does. That’s the divine’s supreme secret. We are interdependent. Fortunately for me I am surrounded by people who are willing to seek the highest truth, the grandest version of all possible scenarios. You are surrounded by these people as well. And if you spend much time in the world outside of Vital Yoga, you might have realized we are a rarity. We hear it all the time. Doesn’t mean we’re not fallible. It means we’re willing and committed. So, it’s a great place to practice shifting how you see who you are in relationship to others. Try us out. We promise, if we let you down, we’ll apologize and strive to do better. We just published our common vision in the newsletter. See how your vision fits and let’s talk about it.