Selfless or Selfish? November 14, 2012

Seva is the sanskrit word meaning charitable contribution. How do we give in the world without the expectation of something returning to us in payment, whether monetary or otherwise? However, in my years of exploring Seva, I’ve discovered a great secret…It’s impossible to give without something returning! You give and the sensation itself fills you, replenishes the energy reserves you didn’t think you had enough of to give in the first place. The connection is healing and when we give, the universe sees us as having abundance. We give, therefore we have more to give again. In Ayurveda, if someone is suffering from depression, the prescription is to engage acts of Seva until you move beyond your own limiting beliefs. Selfless service doesn’t really exist, but it is possible to be overly selfish in our giving. It all depends on our intention, the energy that might be conscious or sub-conscious before the act. I’m giving this because I’d really like something else in return. That doesn’t trump the universe! You can’t cheat. Either you learn to give selflessly, which becomes self-fully, or you are not doing Seva. You are manipulating! And that’s a skill of its own category. ;) On Thanksgiving Day, if you are hosting, or even if you are not, practice giving and watch how the act itself feeds everyone. That is the sentiment that satiates us-much more than turkey!

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