September 5, 2012 The Silver Lining

I’ve been having a struggle lately. Not too bad, but each day has presented its own blend of distasteful tasks, challenging conversations, and even deceitful relationships. And my feelings have been hurt. My boyfriend has been very supportive though at times irreverently humorous. It’s his personal philosophy even if he never describes it with words. When things are bad, he makes me laugh and then he nurtures me. I really like this way of being. When I woke this morning he played me, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” which is a slap-sticky Monty Python song that is so giddy you can’t help but stop taking life or yourself so seriously. What at first glance seems meaningless and absurd becomes vital and genius. What is the bright side? Is there always one? I believe so and when we find it, it feels good. It’s the small opening in a cloudy sky where the sun’s rays still shine in, or the small twinkle in the eye of tragedy, or the slight curl of a smile in pain. It’s an awareness that this world and its challenges are plays on the universal stage of comic tragedy and that we are the actors, the directors as well as the writers-pure cosmic theater. And when we engage the world in this way we enjoy the moments, the sacredness of all sensation. As if that weren’t genius enough, when we seek and look at the bright side, while of course still recognizing and honoring the dark, the law of attraction brings more shine to us and our struggles!

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