Spring’s Wisdom

Desi’s back! She’s been working on the Vital Roots Series. When we first created it in 2008, we were on the floor, in her kitchen. We had a clear objective. We wanted a practice that was sustainable, therapeutic as well as challenging- a series with a grounding effect-more meditative than invigorating. Apparently we did it. The Vital Roots series continues to inspire and heal this community. We have heard you. But along with all living systems, the Vital Roots series will evolve. That’s its genius. Spring reminds us that if we’re not growing, we’re dying. Watch the buds and you’ll know the health of your plant.

Desi asked for guidance and she didn’t stop short of the top-she got counsel from Anusara Yoga’s founder, John Friend! When she told me that he liked the series and saw room for revision, I said, “Desi, that’s like Orville Redenbacher saying it’s good popcorn! Wow!” To say the least, we’re honored that the initial series was good enough to gain his approval as well as his interest in refining it.

We know change is challenging- we also know it’s essential. Vital’s investment is in a healthy, evolving community which means that we will sometimes transform even the foundation. Get Excited! John offered his expert and insightful opinion and has helped us revise the Vital Roots series so that it is more intelligent, accessible, and transformative! We’ll lead you through the changes June 1st studio wide, though Desi, will be teaching the new series Monday nights 6:30pm at the Highlands. Sneak preview for those who are too curious!

We’re proud of this community. You have exceptional practices and exceptional hearts! You have trusted us with your bodies and minds and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Continue to grow with us! ‘Tis the Season!

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