The Evolution of Pleasure

I read somewhere recently that you can gauge the evolution of a society or individual based on what they find pleasurable. It’s true what one person or culture finds pleasurable, may inspire indifference or disgust in another. The author went on to say that if a society found war pleasing, they would continue to fight, until their tastes evolved. I began observing the thoughts or behavior that I found most pleasing and I was shocked to discover how simple they were.

I can often be found staring into oblivion from the world of my bath tub, or the outside patio, a cat flanking my sides, or meditating for more time than required by my self- imposed limit. I find pleasure in bathing, feeding, sleeping, visualizing and dreaming. Making love, watering a plant, reading Hafiz are high on the list. Doesn’t add up to much…or does it? My nomadic friends in Kenya continue to astound me with how evolved they are as humans, people of this earth. I am inspired and educated by their grace every time we see one another. Their lives are simple, and so, their pleasures. In fact, when they seem confused, they have spent too much time with the Western world and people. Simple stays connected to source. Source is highly evolved. Move too far away from source, complicating our lives, and we might have a hard time finding our way back. Examine your pleasures. Are they actually more of a distraction than a true, life-affirming pleasure? If so, it’s time to heal the pain and begin living, simply, again. Simple does not equal boring. It equals inspiration, evolution, and transcendence. Enjoy it!

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