The Universal Story

I have a wooden jewelry box from India. It’s too large to place on an armoire so I put it on the floor in my closet. The other day I thought to myself, “I should clean that out and get rid of the old jewelry that has accrued over 30+ years.”

Yesterday, James talked me into giving a presentation on Africa to his niece’s 4th grade class. I mentioned how nomadic lifestyle is different from ours, and asked the children if they would have as many toys if they moved consistently and had smaller houses. What would it be like to pack up everything you owned and put it on a camel’s back? They agreed they would have few things, but hopefully the same happiness.

James brought his memorabilia to show the kids. Spears, shields, calabash, necklaces, camel bells-things that might not mean anything to anyone else, but that James treasures. He was putting them in the back of his pick-up and I said, “James, you should put those inside the vehicle. People steal strange things from others.” This is a very uncharacteristic statement from me. I rarely look to the future with doubt or fear. It amused us both. But he put the articles in the cab anyway.

Twenty minutes later I drove home, let myself in, and stood in awe as I looked around the front room.

Every cabinet, every drawer, even the refrigerator doors were wide open, the contents spread in disarray across the floor. My house appeared opened, vulnerable, and somehow beautiful-as though there were no stone left unturned-all open for everyone to see. It was transparent-clear. My underwear and lingerie on the floor, a few items that had fallen out of the jewelry box scattered, and all doors opened. The jewelry box was missing.

Lepakiyo, from Kenya, sent a text message asking, “How is your home?” He has never asked that.

The universe tells stories through us. My home was vandalized, my jewelry robbed, you could say that my space was violated. But, I don’t tend to see it this way. I’m fascinated by the moments leading up to this event-all the lines that when traced back, led me exactly here. And I choose to trust that it is for our highest evolution, our brightest version of self. There were many synchronicities all along, many places to connect the dots-not to learn a lesson, not to forewarn, but simply to remind me that each moment is connected to the one previous and post. It’s a giant, glistening web of interrelated material, and energy. I am part. That’s all. Often what I experience is positive. Sometimes it’s negative. My perspective and enjoyment of this life are what matter most to me. No one can rob that. I’m too adept at practicing it. Live the story fully. Watch the moments wax and wane. Life is always magical! And we are life!

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