Keepers of the Story

While traveling in Africa 17 years ago, Micah Springer befriended a family of pastoral nomads; she was welcomed by the tribe first as a guest, then as a cherished family member. Her experience with the Samburu people was truly life-changing. Today, she has been reunited with the family—and is deeply inspired the ways in which climate change is forcing them to adapt their tranquil, traditional way of life.

To support them in this struggle, Micah is writing their intertwined history—a memoir-in-progress entitled “Keepers of the Story.” When the book is finished, 100% of the revenue it generates will go directly into a fund by the same name. In addition, Vital Yoga is currently accepting donations (cash, check or credit) to provide the Samburu people with basic needs such as food and water. Micah’s ultimate wish is that the Keepers of the Story Fund will be used to educate the tribe about sustainable economies and business so they once again may thrive on their own.

In addition to leading the Samburu Fund efforts, Micah will be leading a group of yoga students on an annual Kenyan Cultural Exchange. The first trip, taking place this July, is fully booked. During the transformative two-week journey, the group will be the guests of the Samburu people—living in traditional houses, touring the Kenyan bush by camel and telling stories around the campfire. Yoga, meditation and wildlife tours will also be included in the program. Each visitor will contribute a minimum of $500 to benefit the Samburu people; 100% of this donation will go to the community project of the donor’s choice.

To make a donation to the Keepers of the Story Fund, please contact Marjorie Vandyke:

To add your name to the Kenyan Cultural Exchange wait list for 2011, please contact