Micah Springer

As with many yogis, Micah’s yoga practice began with her curiosity and ability for introspection and truth seeking. The practice of asana came much later. These same traits encouraged her travel to Africa, India, Polynesia and Indonesia, where she saw herself in others’ reflection; people with different language, spiritual and cultural conditioning.

Asana and meditation have provided a method for discovering the witness for Micah, and a desire to introduce this practice to others has led to the co-ownership of two yoga studios and a lifetime of teaching and learning. “When we are witnessing we are no longer bound by the drama of our thoughts and actions, but free to choose, and freedom is one of yoga’s basic tenets.”

Micah was certified to teach in 1998 and enjoys all styles of yoga and the discovery of both the physical anatomy, and metaphysical mystery of the human body. Her classes are thought provoking, inspirational, and often humorous, as Micah believes laughing at our conditioning, and the choices we make as a result of this conditioning, is essential healing for our collective consciousness. She is knowledgeable about many facets of a yoga practice including the ancient healing science of Ayurveda, and seeks opportunities to help her students heal holistically.

Micah co-facilitates Vital Yoga’s bi-yearly cleanses in the spring and fall. In an effort to expand cultural awareness, Micah has created a nomadic village in Northern Kenya, and leads yoga trips there twice a year.

Teaching Schedule

Vital Yoga Highlands

Wednesday 9-10:30am – Vital Roots

Saturday 8-9:30 – Vital Roots

Vital Yoga Golden

Thursday 7-8 – Vital Roots
Sunday 8-9:30 – Vital Roots

Vital Roots Description:

Vital Yoga’s Signature Class is a Hatha based series designed to address the body’s misalignment tendencies. The class provides alignment education, hip opening, spine strengthening and steadfast balancing poses, and quiet for mediation and relaxation. Practiced in a heated room, the series facilitates the body’s natural detoxification process. Suitable for beginning and advanced practitioners alike. Vital Roots is both therapeutic and cardiovascular, appealing to cross-training athletes, as well as people wanting an antidote to increasing sedentary lifestyles. Vital Roots was created by Micah and her sister Desi.

Micah is currently finished with the first draft of her memoir titled The Keepers of the Story, recounting her tales and love of the nomads of Northern Kenya, whom she befriended when she was twenty. She is still connected to a family who thinks of her as their daughter and who keep a home for her for when she visits each year.


Yoga and Adventure in Montenegro

June 13 – 27, 2013

$2,500 + airfare

Micah Springer and Rada Perovic, long term practitioner at Vital Yoga, born in Montenegro, will be your hosts for a two week excursion to this unspoiled Mediterranean and mountain paradise.

Montenegro, with a population of 730,000 and area of 5,300 m2, gained independence in May, 2006 and has the distinction of being one of the world’s newest countries.

We will begin our journey on the coast where beautiful beaches meet the crystal clear azure water of the Adriatic Sea. Ada Bojana, naturalist’s paradise is the most southern point in Montenegro, small triangular shaped island at the mouth of river Bojana and Adriatic Sea. In addition to Yoga, meditation and the beach experience, we will explore the 15th century fortresses and other towns and quaint villages along the coast and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Montenegrin people while exploring the culture and the history of the region.

We will then journey to the mountainous interior, where 7,000 foot peaks rocket up from sea level, creating stunning canyons, deep valleys, and dense pine and fir forests surrounding alpine lakes, known locally as “mountain eyes”. We will spend 3 days in a shepherd’s village Goles at the Bjelasica Mountain, practice Yoga, hike and experience shepherd’s life style, similar to homesteading in America.

The cost of this trip includes all ground transportation in Montenegro, lodging, most meals, 2 days of river Tara rafting, guides, all parks and museums fees, leader’s expenses, and the Vital Yoga administrative fee. Final cost may vary depending on currency exchange fluctuations. Montenegro uses the Euro as the currency of exchange.

Number of participants 15 – 20.

We will have a pre-trip meeting the beginning of April.

Contact ,Rada Perovic for more information. .

303 985 3263 email: radaperovic@msn.com