Teacher of the Month

Jennifer Wright

Vital has been my home from the very first yoga class I ever took, almost 10 years ago with Desi. Every time I walk through Vital’s door I know that whether teaching or being a student, another layer of truth will be revealed whether I am ready or not and that I will be fully supported by those on the journey with me—that never wavers! After a lot of practice and consideration I ventured into Vital’s first teacher training over two years ago with a hope of merely deepening my own connection to yoga, only to find out my passion grew bigger than my skin could contain and I wanted to share what I knew with whoever would listen. I thought if yoga could change my life into something even brighter than it already was, then everyone deserved that same opportunity! Teaching has given me a voice I didn’t know existed and fills me up to boundless heights. The more I learn and grow as a teacher the more I realize the value of always being a student, expanding horizons, expanding the heart, bumping up against the edges. Thank You to my first teachers, Desi and Micah for all your wisdom, thank you to all my students for trusting me to guide and grow with you, and thank you to all my dear friends in the studio who make it a true and authentic family.

Jennifer’s teaching schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 11:30–12:30 Vital Roots Highlands
Wednesday 7:00–8:00 a.m. Vital Roots Highlands
Friday 5:00–6:30 p.m. Vital Roots Highlands

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