carol darr
  • i am welcoming
  • i am instructive
  • i am grounding
  • i am nurturing
  • i am calming

carol darr

Eleven years ago, seeking to shed stress accumulated during her corporate career and graduate studies and ready for a different fitness regimen, Carol Darr discovered the powerful benefits of aligning mind, body and spirit in the practice of yoga. Since receiving her 200-hour teacher certification through Vital Yoga, she has enjoyed sharing her love of yoga with others, teaching Anusara™, Vinyasa, Vital Roots™, and Restorative yoga classes in studio and workplace settings and providing private instruction to individuals. A licensed Anusara-Inspired™ instructor, Carol delights in helping her students begin and grow a safe and sustainable yoga practice on and off the mat.  Her students describe her style as “calming” and “nurturing” and appreciate her specific and detailed instruction.  When she is not teaching or practicing yoga, she enjoys knitting, spending time with her husband, and being amused by her two dogs and amazed by her two grandchildren.

“I feel completely safe and nourished in Carol’s presence. Every time I have a friend who is new to yoga, I send them to her class. She has a gift for making a personal, heart-to-heart connection with her students.” —Gina Williams