Carrie Sarazin
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Carrie Sarazin

Eleven years ago, I would drive an hour round trip to Boulder, twice a week for my favorite Bikram’s class taught by Micah Springer. Within that same year, I found myself migrating with Micah to her very first studio, in the basement of her brownstone on Wyandot.  This cramped, modified room held no more than 15 people max. However, there was something that compelled all of us to fill her room. Now, all those years later, I still adore my very first yoga instructor, Micah.  I’ve had the privilege of watching her and her amazing sister, Desi, evolve their yoga community over the years, and I am grateful to be a part of that evolution.

If I’m not teaching a Vital Root’s class, then I’m off teaching my Montessori Upper Elementary students, downhill skateboarding with my teenage son, Drake, or off enjoying some time meditating by Clear Creek, in my hometown of Golden.