danielle prall
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danielle prall

As an international competitor in the fast-moving, full-contact sport of Olympic Style Taekwondo, Danielle Prall was drawn to the slow consistency of movement in yoga. She practiced Bikram yoga occasionally until the end of competitive career, when she realized that a regular yoga practice was a truly beautiful, sustainable way to move the body over time. Her friends Desi and Micah had just completed training with Bikram Choudry in Los Angeles and opened their first studio, so she decided to follow suit—eventually moving to Denver and teaching with the Springer sisters. Today, she maintains another full-time career but continues to teach the Vital Roots series once a week “to feed her own practice and learning.”

I am an octogenarian, and Danielle’s acceptance regardless of my physical condition is an important source of encouragement for coming to yoga. The kindness and optimism she consistently brings to the classes are truly heartwarming. —Giles Toll