desi springer
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  • i am expansive
  • i am unifying
  • i am challenging

desi springer

Never a traditional athlete, Desi Springer credits yoga with teaching her to appreciate the connection between her mind and body—then eventually connecting her to a most vibrant and heartfelt community. First taught by her sister Micah, Desi went on to do teacher trainings with Bikram Choudry, Senior Anusara® Instructor Jamie Allison and at Yoga Works. She has currently logged 600 hours of Anusara® study and is working toward her 700-hour certification. Desi’s classes are a delightful slow-burn challenge, with a deep focus on how proper alignment can help us expand our edges. “It is my intention to encourage students to expand beyond limited beliefs and to practice what inspires and heals all—self-love, gratitude and serving the highest good.” Read more about Desi here.

“Desi brings a gentle wisdom to her students, along with an intense focus on the asana. One leaves her class both drained and full; drained from giving one’s self completely to the asana, and full of communal energy.” —Len Brady