ken santistevan
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ken santistevan

In the beginning, Ken Santistevan wanted to try yoga for the physical “workout” aspect, period. He had practiced martial arts for 15 years and was simply looking for a new physical challenge—but once he stepped into Vital Yoga, his life and practice changed forever. Having experienced such a profound personal transformation, Ken believes it’s his responsibility to share the practice of yoga with as many people as possible; he completed the first Vital Vinyasa and Vital Roots Teacher Training programs, and has since been enfolded into the Vital Yoga family. In his classes, Ken loves to weave his personal experiences into the dharma, particularly the ways in which his practice on the mat is connected to his practice off the mat.

“Ken embodies that rare trait of combining both physical instruction and metaphysical inspiration in his classes and monologues during our practices. He is both a pleasure and an inspiration.” —Tom Barrett