madhuri martin
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madhuri martin

When she began her practice more than 20 years ago, Madhuri Martin was using yoga merely as a “miracle food” to keep her mind and body healthy enough for a career in extreme sports. As the adrenaline began to wear off, she realized her practice held a much deeper purpose. She studied Ashtanga Yoga with Richard Freeman for two years before doing a three-month intensive with Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, during which she embraced the breadth of asana practice and the extreme depth of yogic philosophy. Then, in 1998, she enrolled in a teacher training with John Friend. “John provided the missing piece to my practice: Anusara®”, she says. “I witnessed in amazement as my mental and physical understanding of yoga joined together in song and celebration.” An apprentice to Friend for seven years, Madhuri became a certified teacher of Anusara® in 2000. Today, she shares her gifts by teaching—and by training future teachers.

“Madhuri is the most complete compendium of John Friend’s teachings I've run across. She has such an in-depth and current understanding of the principles, but she also has this incredibly deep understanding of the philosophy and a truly magical way of presenting it that is unparalleled.” —Bill Dorigan