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therese chavez

Therese Chavez found yoga on Oprah—no, really! As an avid fitness enthusiast, she had tried everything from aerobics to Tae Bo. After watching Oprah interview Rodney Yee and Madonna about their practices, she saw the potential for something greater than a purely physical workout. And, after taking just one public Bikram class, the former high school math teacher knew she had found her calling. Therese began her study of Anusara® yoga with John Friend, Amy Ippoliti, Julieta Claire, Desiree Rumbaugh, Maria Patella and tantric scholar Douglas Brooks and continues her education with repeated workshops and teacher training sessions. Her classes are characterized by enthusiasm, laughter and a deep understanding of alignment.

“Therese brings an energy to her class which is unlike any other yoga instructor I've had. She takes her everyday experiences and translates them into lighthearted, thoughtful messages—incorporating them into her classes in very teachable moments.” —Annelise Loevlie