Vitality comes from many sources. It’s in the way we nourish our bodies, nurture our spirits—and in the deeply transformative movement that challenges both. Here at Vital Yoga, we believe in cultivating the life force wherever we find it: in ourselves, in our studios, our kitchens, our communities and beyond. No matter where your practice was born—this is a warm, welcoming (and wonderful!) place for it to take root and grow.

we are vital yoga.

Vital Living…Transform Your Life in One Week! Denver’s Most Comprehensive Urban Retreat!

Vital Living

These 7-day urban intensives at Vital Yoga in Denver with John Friend, Desi and Micah Springer, and Maria Patella are uniquely designed to positively and dramatically shift one’s patterns of nutrition, mind-body health, and their overall life style, encouraging optimal vitality.

Vital Living is a program created to address the following distressing facts and truths that we are facing as a nation.

Consider: Of the 20 top industrial countries in the world, the U.S. has

o   highest rates of obesity

o   combined lowest life expectancy and the highest rates of infant mortality

o   the highest homicide rate

o   and the highest incarceration rate

o   the highest poverty rate, for both adults and children

o   the lowest rate of social mobility

o   the highest per capita water consumption

o   the highest per capita rate of military spending and arms sales (by a colossal margin)

The transformation of this one-week Vital Living intensive will be so significant that participants will have photos taken before and after! Also, other health measurements such as pH balance (acid/alkalinity), weight, waistline-hip proportion, and overall feelings of happiness will be measured at the beginning of the program and at the end, reflecting the efficacy of the basic principles of the Vital Living program.

The general daily schedule will consist of:

·      An hour in the morning for formal pranayama and meditation

·      2 1/2 hours of The Roots asana practice at mid-day

·      Late afternoons will consist of yoga therapeutics and/or fitness components such as hiking and walking.

·      In the evenings there will be compelling and educational presentations by a variety of experts in Ayurveda, Tantric philosophy, and The Eco-Green movement on a local level.

The overall intentionality is to introduce a new paradigm to live an inspired and meaningful life, connected to self, other and the planet that supports us all.

All meals will be provided, consisting of the highest pranic ingredients. Nutrition is a key component to the Vital Living program, ensuring success and a holistic approach to a vital life. The meals will be ayurvedic, and catered by a local farm-to-table restaurant. The food will take into account specific doshas, or constitutional types to cleanse and balance body-mind in a gentle and sustainable way.

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