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Hi Desi,  I just got home from the most incredible workshop with you and John Friend. Thank you!!! I want to study more with you on the Roots practice. I live in the Bay area and teach yoga in Palo Alto. Most of my students are older and this would be great for them to learn the Roots practice. Can you email me as soon as possible the sequence? Also I LOVE it for my own practice, I have not felt this open and good from a yoga practice in a long time. I am an Inspired Anusara teacher but let me tell you, this Roots practice is the BOMB! I love it!!! Thank you and any amount of sequence you can send me to at least get started would be great.

Namaste, Trish Powers

Love you guys! It has been a very rewarding experience! My back loves you too! 
Namaste, laurel

Hi Micah + Desi + Danielle + Scott

I miss the studio (or I should say old studio), lots of good memories from my teacher training. Life in Fort Collins is great. School is terrific just aced a test naming (common and latin) grasses, legumes, and noxious  weeds by looking only at seeds and leaves. Yoga every morning at 5:45 allows me to run breathless into class by 8. Im still playing polo which is great, except that horses are all I can think about for half the day, and that doesn’t help with school. I am getting on an undergrad research project studying tibetan soils grazed by yaks!!! Also I worked on CSU specialty crops farm this summer and helped run an organic CSA, next time I see you I will bring a bunch of veggies.

much gratitude, Gabe

I’m soooooo very thankful for being pulled to Vital Yoga. I speak so highly of the teacher training. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I think about you all very often. Being back in MN, the studio is what I miss most about CO. But, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my passion for yoga with new people here. You all helped me to change my life, each and every one of you will always and forever have a very warm space in my heart. Wishing you all light, love and kindness! Namaste.



I have been wanting to tell you for awhile, just how wonderful the
 vital community is, and how happy I am to be teaching here. I have
 taken classes with, maybe 7 or 8 different teachers now, and every
 person who teaches at Vital is so brilliant in their own way, has such
 a high level of commitment to their practice and teaching, a similar
 balance of teaching aligned asana and… the rest of the vastness that
 yoga is. I have never taught or practiced at a studio that was so
 cohesive, where it’s not just a handful of rockstar teachers and
 everyone else, but every teacher is so solid. It definitely inspires
 me to take classes regularly and to continually step up my own
 teaching. So I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the
 community you’ve created, such a gift to everyone whose a part of it,
 and so many students that I’ve talked to mention how Vital really has
 something special beyond what other studios offer.

That, and, would you like to have tea sometime? We talked when you
 first hired me, and then I know how life gets busy. But I am curious
 to know you. I am a huge nerd about tea, traditional serving styles
 and all that, so I’d love to have you over if you are down for a tea
 party. Or we could just meet up sometime when you are in Golden or I’m
 in Denver. Let me know, and have a beautiful weekend!


We had a great time.  I have received many of the evaluations back from students about the entire week of events, and all around, yoga was a hit.  For me personally, this class, and this instructor, exceeded my expectations.  It was basic, yet challenging, informative and relaxing.  She did a great job of praising people for the efforts and gently correcting positions when needed.  She was welcoming and not intimidating in the least.

Thanks for hosting us and we look forward to working with you again for next year.  I will be sure to pass on the First Week Free info to those students.

Quinn Waller

Dear Desi and Micah,

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes and birthday gift of a complimentary yoga session!

I just wanted to share with you how wonderful my experience has been taking classes at Vital Yoga. I am new to yoga and all of your instructors have been very helpful and encouraging….I adore them all!  And my fellow yogis have also been very warm and welcoming.

You have created a beautiful community of loving and caring souls…not an easy task…and I am honored to be a part of it.

Wishing you continued success.

Angel Blessings and Fairy Sparkles,
Jill La Liberte

Hello Marjorie,

Thank you so much for being so open and welcoming to my students.  They really enjoyed the class and the opportunity to try a Yoga class first hand.  It is one thing researching and gathering information on a modality of exercise but a totally different thing to experience it first hand.

Your studio is fabulous and Amanda is a wonderful instructor.  She was warm and welcoming to all of the students and has a great ability to build rapport quickly and make the students feel comfortable in their practice.

Thanks again,

Dear Desi, Scott, and crew -
I received your ‘Happy Anniversary’ email yesterday, and I just wanted to let you know that it made my day! Last year it was my New Year’s resolution to start practicing yoga, as I had been going through a stressful period and thought it would be good for me. My first yoga class was with Vital Yoga and one year later, I am an avid yoga fan!

I moved away from Denver quite a few months ago, and the one thing I miss the most is yoga at your studio. So thank you for helping me get into yoga and the yogi lifestyle.

Happy New Year and hope to visit you again in the near future!

I participated in Vital Yoga’s teacher training in order to augment the work I was doing with a graduate social work field internship with a local nonprofit that teaches yoga to underserved populations, including individuals with disabilities.  As a person who lives with a disability (chest-down paralysis from a spinal cord injury), I wasn’t entirely sure that any teacher training program would be able to suit my needs.  However, Vital’s instructors were generous, inventive, and willing to invest themselves in making the experience as rich and successful for me as it was for my fellow trainers.  I feel that my world, my perspective, and my heart grew exponentially from working with the Vital community.  I came away with more than I ever could have expected (or can now articulate!), including a solid foundation in yoga principles, teaching techniques, and overall understanding of my body, my self, and the world around and within me.

Teacher training was a very rewarding experience. The time and practice we put into what we learned has improved my chronic injuries immensely. It also greatly enhanced my development as a beginning yoga student by teaching me fundamental principles. I get more out of my regular yoga classes now because of what I learned. The most unexpected benefit for me were all of the positive comments various friends, co-workers, and family made about the changes they saw in me.

I participated in the first Vinyasa Teacher Training program offered by Vital Yoga. My experience was unforgettable. I loved the instructors and their attention to details. I learned about Ayurvedic Health, anatomy, and proper postures.  It was a lot of hard work but the commitment was well worth it.  I loved it so much that I participated in the first Vital Roots Teacher Training program. Now with a double Yoga Instructor certification I dedicate my practice and instruction to Vital’s philosophy of Learn It, Live It and Share It. I now teach for Vital Yoga and a local health club as well as manage Vital Yoga’s Workplace Wellness Programs. I’m sharing my love and passion for yoga with our community.

Ken Santistevan

A very rewarding experience. The challenge of Vital Yoga teacher training inspires you to rise up to your potential in every area of your life. The knowledge of the Vital Yoga teachers coupled with the teacher training format combine to develop more authentic, prepared, and  confident teachers than other yoga teacher trainings.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to remind ourselves how grateful we are for Vital’s teacher training program.

Upon arrival at the studio, I was warmly greeted by the owner/teacher who had me write my name down in the class log. As I started to walk away, I realized that perhaps I had initially signed up under my full name, versus Kory.I turned and gave her my birth name, at which she complemented its beauty and unique spelling.Embarrassed yet pleased, I explained that I loved it as well, and was trying to reclaim it to establish my roots in this new city. I continued down the hall to the classroom contemplating how raw it felt to be in a new place with nothing but uncertainties lighting my path. As I entered and scanned for a place to lay my mat, there seemed to be only a spot in the front row. Sighing, yet accepting that I would not be able to hide in the back- I rolled out my mat quietly and began to warm up my ankles.Shortlythere afterDesi, walked in to begin class.

She started with few announcements about upcoming events and then went into a major announcement that the studio had found a new home and would be moving. She shared the experience of putting in an offer, how other more attractive ones had come, and how the owner chose them in the end.She then went on to share how home would be the guiding theme of our class.

As we lifted into Downward Dog and began to move in and out of different asanas, she weaved in and out of metaphors or anecdotes about home.How we can find home in ourselves, in our poses, even amongst discord.She sketched a vision of our bodies in motion without commotion, finding the ability to stay still even as we moved into a difficult pose.I found my leg shaking from exhaustion from which I was gratefully guided to a new position, one in which I found freedom from weakness and grace in strength.

“That’s it, Korynne.”

It was the sound of home. The voice of love and acceptance.Family.

Throughout the rest of class, she used my name three or four more times. I tried poses I had never attempted before, and was shocked at my ability. As she continued to weave stories around our arms and legs, tears kept leaping to my eyes as she said the words I needed to hear about home while calling to me by my family name.

One at a time, little by little each worry and doubt about moving was replaced.

“Open the shoulder, bringing space to the heart.”I would find a job.

“Take your hand to the outside of your leg. It’s okay if you need a block, yet try first without one.” Accept help offered from friends.

“Turn the foot out at an angle, that will allow space for you to move.” I would find a place to live.

And then Desi told of a monk that taught her a valuable mantra. He said that as you step forward with one foot, one should say to oneself, “I have arrived.” And then once the other foot has joined it, “I am home.”

Korynne Headley

Hey Kitty

Here is the rest of what I said to my friend today about how much I look forward to yoga class.  “I am so overworked and over-extended it’s the only time I can just be. I can’t look at my phone, worry about anything, answer questions, solve problems, or do anything – except be present. It’s only an hour and 15 min, twice a week, but I’ll take it. It’s amazing how grounding it is to just stop and breath, and move, and listen to the quiet, steady voices of my instructors. I am pretty sure I’d totally lose my mind without it. I can’t wait to get to class.” True story. I didn’t even mention the physical benefits… pretty sure I’d be crippled without regular practice, but that is a whole other thing!

Nadine Pyter

I have been practicing at Vital Yoga for 11 years, I think.  In short..the yoga, the community, the meditation and support have been life changing.  Over the years I have been practicing 3-5 times a week consistently…I have done 1 teacher training with Desie, Micah, Daniel and Maduri that was transformative.  In my mind, nothing has been so instrumental in changing the way I live day to day, run my business or show up in my friendships and relationships. I love my practice on many levels and feel blessed to have found such amazing teachers and an amazing community to grow with.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

-Terri Rippeto