What’s the best way to practice yoga?

While a daily yoga practice is ideal, the reality is that most of us maintain life schedules that make this difficult. The important thing is not how often you practice, but how present you are when you do practice. So, find a time that fits into your life—day or night, once a week or once a day—and during that time, try to devote your whole being to mind, body and breath. Of course, the most profound changes in mind, body and spirit will come with greater frequency. Many new practitioners start with weekly classes and quickly learn they want more. Some of our greatest teachers started with just one class a week!

In addition, your teacher may begin his or her class with something called dharma: a short reading, story or anecdote illuminating how various elements of one’s yoga practice (like using one’s breath to maintain grace in a challenging situation) might inform life “off the mat.” For those of us who can’t practice as often as we’d like, dharma can help provide a quiet, internal reminder of our tremendous untapped stores of grace.